Spring Gave Me the Willies Today

courtyard flora
Flora, at the monastery of the Society of St. John the Evangelist, Cambridge MA. C. Boyd photo.

This first day of spring–which in central Texas is, miraculously, actually spring-like—is brought to you by Willie Nelson, patron saint of the Texas Hill Country. Here he is, performing Willie Dixon’s “I Love the Life I Live.” Damn, this is lovely. Maybe it’s the weed, but something tells me Willie means what he says.

So I ask myself this question: what keeps me from loving my life? It’s the life I’ve got, after all.

The answer is: It’s the little stuff, the small infuriations that rob my moments. I don’t WANT to “see the cashier”; I want the receipt to come out of the danged pump. What do you mean, CoverGirl has discontinued my lipstick color? Why isn’t this frigging traffic moving? Why is that person being a jerk? Stop telling me my call is “important” to you and answer the damned call.

The little stuff can really add up to a big grim outlook. It creeps up on me, and before I know it, I don’t love my life. (American singer-songwriter David Wilcox says it beautifully in this strangely depressing-and-encouraging song.)

courtyard rain2
Water, stone and light, SSJE. C.Boyd photo.

Thanks to the Willies, I had a nice moment today, on this first day of spring. I remembered that the antidote to Negative Creep is noticing the good stuff and practicing gratitude.  The spring light hits the wet pavement. A stranger smiles and makes eye contact. A worry ceases. Something tastes wonderful. Something goes right, and I notice it and thank somebody.  (Anne Lamott, that brightest of souls, says the three essential prayers are ‘help’, ‘thanks’ and ‘wow’.) How I spend my moments is how I spend my life. And before I know it, I love the life I live.

2 thoughts on “Spring Gave Me the Willies Today

  1. Lovely reminder to appreciate the good, the bad, and the ugly. The life we live is the one we’ve got so we better make the most of it. Thanks as always for adding those multimedia links too. 🙂

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