The Longest Journey Begins With a Single Flight

“From departure to arrival/what does it mean to travel? From taking off to landing/you can feel your heart expanding.” (Mary Chapin Carpenter)

17 of 19 pilgrims from St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Williamsburg Virginia are leaving Richmond airport this morning for Tel Aviv. We have distributed pocket metals bearing the image of St. Martin, had a prayer, and are now ready to roll!

Pictured above: Otis and Phyllis Haislip, Kay Russell, Debbie Scudder, Jean Grunewald, Lisa Green, Gerri Conradi, Catherine White, Mary Osborn, Marybeth Fager, Judy Yates, Jim Osborn, Lisa and Rob Beall, Lisa Cumming and Michael Fager. We look forward to seeing Ben and Susan Gregg in Jerusalem.

3 thoughts on “The Longest Journey Begins With a Single Flight

  1. We are all thinking of you and what wonderful experiences you’ll have. Looking forward to having you share them with us. Prayer and Love sent your way.

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